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About Us

Since 2002, we at First Air A/C, have had the distinct privilege of building our business with Honesty, Integrity, Loyalty, and Stability. We have found that these business tactics have not only been rewarding but also compensating. With these principles, it has led to awesome and quality employees, a great work atmosphere, quality products, and quality service.


It works, for we do not have to spend thousands monthly on broken promises. Our word matters, our reputation matters, for we are dependent on YOU to refer us to your friends and family. You will not do that if you are not confident and satisfied with our company. Our primary guiding principle is the belief that the ethical way is the only way to conduct our business. Actions speak louder than words, our focus is on the behaviors of every phase of our business and how it contributes to our ability to better serve our customers and all those benefiting from the products and services we provide. YOU MATTER; WE CARE WHAT YOU THINK!

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