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  1. If system is not cooling, turn off the system for 45 minutes then turn unit back on. The unit should start to cool within 45 minutes. If rest didn't work, contact us.

  2. If system isn't turning on
    - check float switch. It's possible the drain pan could be full of water which could cause the float switch to activate and will turn off the system
    - If the float switch isn't activated, try doing a rest using the breakers

  3. If the thermostat is blank
    - try replacing the batteries
    - if the batteries aren't the issue or if your thermostat isn't battery powered, check the float switch to see if it is activated this could cause the thermostat to be blank.

  4. If system is leaking, turn off the system.

  5. If system is frozen, switch the system from auto to fan for six hours and turn off the system.

  6. If outdoor unit's compressor isn't turning on, try to do a rest at the breakers.

  7. If outdoor unit's compressor is making a loud noise, try to do a reset at the breakers.

  8. If system is making a loud noise, turn off the system.

If your system is leaking, freezing up, making loud noises, or if nothing listed helped solve your issue. Please contact us in regards to your issue and if you have any questions.

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